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From the time

I can remember,


I loved playing in the dirt and picking flowers. (They were really weeds, but who knew?) It was later in life when I enrolled at South Seattle College to study horticulture and landscape design. Several courses later, I dug a hole, buried my corporate hat and started playing in the dirt again!


Hands dirty, I opened Alula Boutique Containers, a commercial and residential container design and maintenance company. We specialize in artful living displays. Naming my company after the Hawaiian Ōlulu or Alula plant was a natural choice. Found on the steep sea cliffs of Kaua’i, it's unique, whimsical, and pretty in an unconventional way. Just like my designs. 


My center of inspiration and creativity is our woodland property east of Redmond. This is my home. Here I experiment with plant combinations; cultivate and harvest material for botanical displays; organize and teach workshops; and dabble in growing food. My husband Brian and I share this little slice of earth with an abundance of wildlife and our delightfully unruly Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Zed and Roxie.

Let's create your stunning container garden together!

"Cora did my entry pots
in late fall and everything
was still beautiful
3 months later!
I would highly recommend
her to anyone!"

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